*But let's clarify what a "Gift Basket" is:

  1. Big colorful basket that you say you will use again, but you will never use again.
  2. Purchased from an online store that usually has two people's names and tells you repeatedly how high quality and gourmet their baskets are. It's like that guy who says "Trust me!" all the time.  Do you?
  3. An assortment of thoughtless, impersonal & random food products that were made 12-18 months ago and have been sitting on a shelf somewhere in a warehouse, just waiting to be called to fulfill their gift basket duty. 
  4. One thing you really like, surrounded by 17 other things which you will be excited to try, but after taking one bite you will spit out in the trash and be really depressed about how terrible something could taste when the packaging looks so cute.
  5. At least one box of crackers.  Why are there always crackers?  Don't thank me with crackers please. Even fancy ones. I don't want your crackers.
  6. Pears or Japanese Pears. Gift box companies clearly believe that pears are the most thoughtful and celebratory fruit. When was the last time you thought "I want to make someone really happy... so I'm going to send them pears"? It's not a thing. I think it's a conspiracy from the Pear Growers of America or something shady like that.  They're trying to get back at apples for being America's favorite fruit. 
  7. Crinkle Shred. Honestly, this is the best part of the gift basket for me because I love crinkle shred. I hope it's a good color for you.  
  8. SO. MUCH. CELLOPHANE. Why is it generally accepted that a collection of anything (food, diapers, toys, clothes, pears) becomes fancier when you wrap it in a huge sheet of single use plastic that is horrible for the environment? 
  9. The big oversized bow. Hello, 1982 just called and wants it's bad taste back! This is not modern. This looks like the gift basket itself might have been sitting on a shelf for 30 years. Bows shouldn't be that big anymore. 

Now, picture this:

A collection of beautiful, artisanal, freshly-made food items packed beautifully into a box on the other hand, with shred, and maybe some little fun extras and NO pears ever, and handwritten notes... now THAT is my kind of Non-Gift-Basket Gift Basket. 

When done right, modern gift boxes can be incredible. There are many companies now that offer truly unique items, beautiful food products that don't need to be made a year in advance, curated gifts that pair useful and edible things together (like champagne, champagne glasses and candy!) or items which create a cohesive experience (like a candle, a bath bomb, a loofah and wine glass).

As well in this category are Subscription Boxes. This is like the gift box that keeps on giving - every month! Whether it's socks, pickles, bacon, Olympia Provisions sausagessalsaflowers, books, or something else, getting a surprise treat each month in the mail, as opposed to all together at once, is a super fresh take on the ol' gift basket concept.

Here are a few companies that do Gift Boxes right:

With Love From PDX

Glow Gifts


Marigold & Grey

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this snarky article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency of the ROONS brand. Examples of conventional gift basket analysis performed within this article are only examples. They should not be utilized in real-world analytic products as they are based only on very limited and dated open source information of lame conventional gift baskets. Assumptions made about conventional gift baskets within the analysis are not reflective of the position of any ROONS entity.


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