Behind the Brand: Pumpkin Spice Roons –

Behind the Brand: Pumpkin Spice Roons

Behind The Brand Fall Flavors Pumpkin Spice Roons

Behind the Brand: Pumpkin Spice Roons

Oh My Gourd - It's Fall!

I know, I know.  It's the first week of September, the kiddos are just heading back to school and you're *already* overwhelmed with everything Pumpkin Spice! 

According to a survey I found on the internets, some 80% of Americans have #squashgoals and are #MyBloodTypeIsPumpkinSpice #PumpkinSpiceForLife. 

Were you lined up at your local Starbucks on August 27, for opening-day of PSL? 

Yah, me neither!

But I have to say, as a former PSL-hater, I have come around a bit.

Turns out, when you own a cookie company, and Alaska Airlines reaches out to you and asks you to come up with a delicious new flavor for their First Class passengers, to be given out on flights from September through December... well, your mind starts to do crazy things!  

As someone who really hates overly sweet desserts, and artificial flavors, I was hesitant to create a Pumpkin Spice Roon in the beginning. I didn't know if it was possible to produce something savory, yet gently sweet. Something authentic and on-brand for our flavor profiles, yet still appealing to our #PumpkinSpiceIsMyFavoriteSeason fan base. Something with deep integrity yet could possibly win over even the biggest pumpkin-skeptic?

Challenge accepted (after all, the world was waiting!)

When we do product development at Roons, we can't just stop testing when we have a flavor profile we all like. We have to consider texture, shelf-life, moisture levels, ensuring our new ingredients are high quality & allergen-friendly and so many other details. Oh, and did I mention we have to pair a chocolate with each new flavor?!  It can be a daunting task to say the least.

Typically our best flavors are made by slowly adding ingredients... testing... adding more ingredients... building on flavors... building on texture, layering. But Pumpkin Spice was exactly the opposite!  We started to find the magic of this flavor come through the more we took away.

We started with all the typical elements... canned pumpkin, a wide variety of different spices, "latte" elements like coffee, espresso, milk... and then we just started stripping things back. 

Truth: Not ONE person could tell the difference between the test samples that had actual pumpkin in them, and the ones that didn't.. so it was the first ingredient to go! We paired ingredients down one at a time, making sure our entry into the Pumpkin Spice category was balanced, beautiful, spiced, cozy and not overly sweet. We hit on a *perfect* ratio of cinnamon to ginger to nutmeg and all of a sudden the cookie came to life.

The last step was to select a chocolate for this new flavor. We decided that a milky white chocolate base would give us the exact right balance for our new, savory, spicy Roon. We hand-tint this chocolate with an outstanding natural food color product made from dried Paprika! It's the kind of food coloring I feel extra proud to use and proud to feed my kiddos. 

So there you have it... secrets have been shared and stories told and now the only thing left to do is try for yourself and let us know what you think!  I have to admit, I was powerless when the season's first batch came out of the oven yesterday - and ate eleventeen of them, to be precise; they were warm and golden, toasted and flecked with spice. I did a full-on happy dance after I took my first bite, and wished it was cool enough to wear a turtleneck sweater and sit with friends around a fire pit, with a soft autumn breeze blowing in the air, drinking drinks and celebrating #pumpkinspiceseason #falltvschedule #nomoreshorts #sweaterweather #uggs #ohmygoditsalmostchristmas

 *Pumpkin Spice Roons are only available between August 31st-December 31st. If you're reading this during another part of the year, sign up for our email newsletter and we'll promise to let you know as soon as these delicious morsels of heavenly goodness are available again!


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