When you own a cookie company, it is highly likely that everyone you know has been on the receiving end of a gift box of your insanely delicious and extremely addictive cookies. If you are reading this and you have not been on the receiving end of insanely delicious coconut from a company I own, then you should rectify that immediately and buy yourself some ROONS. You will thank yourself for your own generosity.

So what to do when I need to give a gift to someone I like, or love, or want to impress?  Here are some of my favorite things:


A LARGE PAIL OF MALDON SEA SALT  This is a sensational finishing salt that I put on everything. It usually comes in small packages which get used up so quickly. I buy the 3.3 lb pail (available online and at many restaurant supply stores) and hit a gifting home run for all my foodie friends.


A SUBSCRIPTION OF SOCKS  People never remember to buy themselves socks. Or at least they don't buy the good ones. There are many sock subscription businesses online and they each have a slant of their own. Some are for adults, some for kids, some are funny socks, some are very funny socks! But they are all great quality and fun socks. I've been known to send 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions to friends, clients, or people I want to become clients! Every single month I get at least one phone call saying "OHMIGOD, I just got the funniest socks" and then they think of me every time they put their socks/shoes on!  Is that weird?!

These are all great: 

Sock It To Me

Sock Club

Sock Fancy

 Sock Panda


MY MOST FAVORITE PENS & MARKERS If you know me you know that I am more than a little obsessed with writing utensils. Especially ones that are colorful or have brush tips. One of my favorite websites is and I have a few favorite things on there that every human should have. They also have sampler packs so you can try a variety of different pens in a certain category! This brush pen sampler pack is amazing. This sampler is amazing too. These are my faves. So are these. And don't even get me started on these... they come in several solid colors and no other pen will exist for you ever again.


PERSONALIZED NOTECARDS Everyone likes seeing their name in print. No exceptions. Okay, except people in Witness Protection. You win.

There are many online retailers who make it super easy to customize simple notecards or notepads with your name. Whether it's your name, a monogram, or even a pic of your family, these are a great surprise and useful too. 

I have ordered from Paper Culture, Minted, and Paper Source. I have loved them all. 


CORK POPS WINE OPENER I literally do not understand how everyone on planet earth who drinks wine does NOT have this wine opener. I lose sleep about this. Although, the fact that so few people have it just means that I can look like a hero with my gift giving all-the-time! This wine opener is ridiculously simple and fast. No twisting, screwing or pulling. No broken corks.  Open your bottle of wine in less than 5 seconds every single time.  I always have a at least 5 of these in my gift drawer at all times!


SPATULA I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT By now you likely understand that I tend to become a little evangelical (shall we say) about products I like. I don't care how much you paid for your favorite spatula, it sucks. It is in no way as amazing as this one. Like the Cork Pops Wine Opener, I have a minimum of 10 spatulas in my gift drawer at all times.  I used to have fewer than that, and then one time I couldn't get my spatulas and I had a nervous breakdown, so when I found them again I stocked up. 


6" SHUN CHEF KNIFE Another kitchen gift. I know. But so many people do not have great knives. I know this because I have been to many people's homes and I am a judgemental knife snob. If I have been to your house, you’re fine, your knives are great, I love you.

But this is about gifts - not my bad attitude about other people's knives - and what a gift it is to give someone a knife that will last forever (if you take care of it) and that will not only make your cooking easier, better, more precise... but it will make it less likely for you to cut your fingers off too. I don't go a day without using this Shun Classic 6" Chef knife. My mom, who is a professional recipe tester/cookbook editor, prefers the 8" but I like the control of the 6" for the day to day. This knife is usually around $140, but can often be found 20% off at Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table.

Do not put this knife in the dishwasher (do not put any knives in the dishwasher please!) and do not leave it covered in food or at the bottom of a sink full of water. Use. Wash. Dry. Put away. Repeat.

This message has been brought to you by your local cookie company-owning knife snob :-)


I hope you've enjoyed a few of my favorite things and I hope even more that you are inspired to give unique gifts and take care of your knives!



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