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*SEASONAL* Chocolate Orange Roons
*SEASONAL* Chocolate Orange Roons

*SEASONAL* Chocolate Orange Roons

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Zesty bright orange citrus + rich, beautiful chocolate... is there anything better?

Chocolate Orange Roons were made in honor of one of the truly EPIC flavor pairings in the world; chocolate covered orange peel.

These Roons are full of orange zest and coconut, and then dipped in an exquisite semisweet chocolate made by Guittard. Every bite has the perfect ratio of coconut to chocolate, and is never overly sweet.

All our Roons are baked to order and typically ship out within a few days of your order.

These beauties are individually-wrapped and have a 60-day shelf life from their birthday, but can also be frozen if you think your willpower will last longer than that.

As this is a perishable food item, we do not accept returns.

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