About Us – ROONS


Who has time to read a bunch of beautifully written gibberish—not you!

Are Roons gluten-free & grain-free?


Are they made with REAL chocolate?

Absolutely! We'd never consider using anything else.

Are they vegan?

Nope, sorry. Eggs.

How about kosher?

Indeed! Certified by Oregon Kosher. See our certificate here.

What is the shelf life of your Roons?

At least two months from the day they were born. Unless you freeze them.

You can freeze them?!

Yep. We don’t recommend eating them frozen, but up to 6 months in the deep freeze shouldn’t hurt. Be sure to let them thaw completely before serving.

What wines pair with Roons?

ALL of them, duh. We really like bubbles, but that’s how we roll.


Or, why we got into this business - and who we are as a company?

Well, that’s tricky. I have been writing and re-writing this ‘About Us’ page for days and I still don’t really know what I should tell you about us. I want it to be creative and witty and entertaining and personal, but I also want you to know what we’re all about.

Enter Professor Google. While searching for what to do in order to produce great ‘About Us’ pages, I came across this article from Entrepreneur Magazine called “8 Mistakes Business Owners Make Creating Their ‘About Us’ Page”.

Well, my curiosity was piqued, is yours? Let’s see how far off the mark I am?

Mistake #1: It's all about you, you, you.

But it is about me, isn’t it? Uh-oh, maybe I’m already flunking out of ‘About Us Pages 101’! In a nutshell (I wouldn’t want to blather on) Roons was established in 2010, in a Napa Valley, CA kitchen. It started out as a baking project to pass the day with my very small humans, but turned into an epicurean adventure of epic proportion. To be honest, the kiddos didn’t get to lick many wooden spoons that day (I think they ended up in front of Dora The Explorer) but that’s a small price to pay for finding my passion - and dedicating myself to perfecting these treats for years to come, in order to share them with the world.

Mistake #2: No description of your website's purpose.

Apparently Mistake #1 is making this page too much about you. But Mistake #2 is about not showing off enough? You want to know why we get out of bed in the morning? Truly, it’s to make the highest quality, most delicious macaroons on the planet. Yes, we are biased, but we are also honest. And good at math. (One of those things is a lie.) We noticed a severe lack of delicious gluten-free treats on the market all those years ago, and it became our mission to create something that tasted amazing (not like cardboard and definitely not overly sugary sweet) and that had a great shelf life (read: the dessert wouldn’t go bad before you finish reading this sentence) and that didn’t have 392 ingredients and that was affordable. Period. In order not to actually make Mistake #2, I should tell you that the specific purpose of this website is to help you buy Roons. Did I succeed?

Mistake #3: There aren't any visible opt-in forms.

So, if you are a “normal” person you apparently want to opt-in to something while you’re learning about us. Truth? I’m told that without this opt-in form, you will never return. How could I do that to you - I know you want to come back and visit. I can already tell. Feast your eyes on this INCREDIBLE opt-in form that lives at the bottom of every single page. Check!

Mistake #4: All plain text without visuals.

So, per this brilliant article, the human brain processes visual images 60,000 faster than text. I wouldn’t want you to have to take the proverbial ‘long way’ to learn how awesome we are.


Mistake #5: Not directing to your most popular pages or products.

Guys, I’m skipping #5. If you want to search this website for ‘popular’ pages and products, have at it. No pressure. It’s like trying to decide which of your kiddos is your favorite… they’re ALL good! (You have to say that as a parent, but we all know it’s not true!). But with a little encouragement, I could tell you that I hope the most popular page on www.eatroons.com is the “Buy Roons” page. And I hope the second most popular page on this site is the “Thanks For Your Purchase - Order Confirmation” page. 

Mistake #6: Not leveraging social proof.

We don’t want to brag… but “social proof” is widely available to you, friends, if you look around. Feast your eyes on our mind-bendingly-amazing BookFace page here or our widely popular Insta page here (read: it will be wildly popular if you go there and share it and do Insta-type-things with it.) Or better yet, watch someone eat a Roon. That’s the only social proof I think you really need. Smiles, belly-rubbing, happy moaning… usually what happens after one of our treats is consumed.

Mistake #7: Too much information.

I agree. Short and sweet. Or, short-ish and very sweet. (Phew, it’s almost over)

Mistake #8: No contact information.

We wouldn’t want to make this costly mistake. What if you want to write us and tell us how much you adore us? Or that we should make a Bacon & Bourbon Roon? Or that we should hire actual writers to write ‘About us’ pages so we can focus on doing what we do best? All good… please get in touch here.

If you’re still reading you deserve a prize. Oh wait - you already got one - you’re here, aren’t you?

Thank you, sincerely. We hope you enjoy eating your Roons as much as we love baking them for you.

Jenn Topliff