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Corporate Gifts

Don't gamble with just any gifts

Let’s face it, you’re busy. You need to order gifts, but you also have work to do! Knockout your gifting with a tasty 1-2 punch. Tell us what you’d like to send, email us a spreadsheet with your list of recipients and *Voila!* you’re done.

Roons are perfect for:

  • Teambuilding events
  • Virtual meetings (We've done a lot of these in the last 18+mos! Sales kickoffs, annual meetings, project kickoffs, company parties, you name it!)
  • Appreciation gifts
  • Employee anniversary gifts
  • Holiday gifts
  • and so much more!

No matter what you select, all our gifts are insanely delicious, meticulously hand-crafted, five-star rated and one-of-a-kind. Plus they have the added benefit of making people happy. So whether it's for employees, clients, colleagues, vendors, partners, donors, or teammates... you can be sure that your gifts will deliver. Now that's worth celebrating.

International recipients? No problem.

We've sent Corporate gift packages to:

Canada, London, Scotland, Ireland, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Taiwan, Japan, India, China, Mexico, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Switzerland.

Hate collecting addresses? Us too. So we created a solution for that!

Some of our larger clients have privacy barriers which make sharing employee addresses a legal challenge. Some of our clients (at all sizes) find there is nothing worse and more brain-draining than wrangling hundreds or thousands of addresses for people who aren't exactly "quick" to respond. So we created a way for your gift recipients to manage their own addresses, all the while having a wonderful, branded experience.

We created a private shopping experience just for your company, on our website. It is a "secret site", password protected, that your recipients can access easily on their computers or phones. A collection of products/flavors you have selected is visible, without showing a price, and your recipient selects what they'd like to receive and checks out as they would on any normal website. We bill you weekly for what your people have purchased and the entire thing is off your to-do list.You select what products your recipients can choose from, we create a branded landing page and product collection and 

Whether you want to send one gift a time, or 1,000+ all at once, we've got you covered all year long. Send us an email to and we'll get started.