Small Business Gifting – ROONS

Small Business Gifting

Gifting Options made just for Small Businesses

You're busy. You wear EVERY hat. You have smaller budgets. And you want to:

  • Thank a customer
  • Thank multiple customers
  • Thank a colleague/client
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Celebrate a company win of any size, shape and form!
  • Say "Happy Holidays" from your company, to all your contacts

Enter ROONS.

Not only are you sending something super unique (ewww, gift baskets are so 1999!) but you're also supporting another small business. This means that you are working with a team of people who "get you". We've been there. We are there. We know how to work within budgets, be efficient and take all of the work off your plate so you can look like a hero and not lift a finger!

Here are a few examples of how some of our small business customers use ROONS:

  • Some realtors pre-select a specific item up front, and every time they close a sale, they email us a name/address and note, and we ship out the gift immediately.
  • Other realtors like to set a different budget for each gift, and they email us with a dollar amount, name/address and whatever note they want to include, and we put together something special within that budget. 
  • One client selects a different Roons flavor each year, and sends us all of her employee's & primary client's birthday dates. A week before each birthday, we pack up the gift box and send it to each recipient with a handwritten note.
  • Because we have the ability to create custom labels for your gift boxes, with your branding on them, many of our customers send gifts to their clients throughout the year for various occasions. We print a stack of labels with our client's artwork (designed free of charge) and send anywhere from 5-100 boxes out at a time. Whether it's a Christmas, New Year's, July 4th or a virtual company event... we've created gifts for many small businesses looking to do something out of the box that will make their people happy.
  • A landscaper client sent a custom-designed greeting card, with a box of Roons, to all of her previous clients to remind them what she can do for them, and create new business opportunities. She more than paid for her gifts with the multiple new projects that came from the thoughtful gift.

Sounds like a plan right? Send us an email to and we'll go from there!