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Want a custom order? Gift box? Virtual work event? Customer gifting across the gobe? No prob. You dream it, we make it!  Or we dream it, you love it, and then we make it!

Need Roons at your next virtual corporate event? Intimate soiree? Small business client gifting? Teacher appreciation? 

Sweet! We can't wait to help.
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Looking for an incredibly unique addition to your dessert bar? OR an alternative to cake? Looking for something that looks great AND tastes amazing that could double as your favor? Your place card? Your table decor? Your seating assignment?

Desperate to find something to satisfy all those annoying gluten-free people (like me!) who feel so heartbroken and left out at weddings?!  Worry not, Roons are naturally gluten-free, so we didn’t take out key ingredients and replace them with chickpea flour and ground rice and cricket flour… they taste as good gluten-free as they would not-gluten free.  But thankfully that’s not a test we have to perform because if it was, we obviously couldn’t do it.

Roons are truly a fantastic addition to any wedding or celebration. They come individually-wrapped in order to stay fresh for up to two months. It’s your choice as to whether you want to remove them from their pretty wrappers and display them in beautiful glass jars or layered on interesting cake stands -- or maybe you want to leave them packaged and display them in any number of places around your reception! We LOVE attaching custom header cards to the top of each Roon package so that your Roons can do double duty; either adding color and design to your event (to match your decor or your invitation) or even better, to use as a favor, or place card for your guest.  Boom!  Practically a two-fer!

We offer bulk pricing for large orders, so get in touch and let us help you create a memorable AND delicious day.

By the way, weirdest statistic I found about weddings is that the average person spends more times at weddings each year, than at the gym.  Who knew?!



Whether your [virtual] event is for 5 people or 5,000 people... whether your event is a trust-fall team-building kind of thing or a product launch or a sales meeting or a client appreciation or... well anything... Roons can help you.

How can a Roon help you?  Is this what you really want to know?  That’s such an obvious question - I expected more from you.  But seeing as how you asked, I might as well answer…

Roons will help you be a better person because “better people” are happy, always, and eating Roons makes you happy and so therefore, eating Roons will make you a better person.

Also, if you want to extrapolate on that (see how I used business words in the Corporate events section? I’m not just a pretty face), Roons will help you:

-GET THROUGH THE DAY (if you’re eating them)

-LOOK GOOD TO YOUR BOSS (if you’re the one who purchased them)

-LOOK GOOD TO YOUR COWORKERS (if you’re the one who suggested them)


Let us help spiff up your event - OR - better yet, let us take care of your corporate or small business gifting program. Gift baskets are so 20th century. I mean, it’s such a waste of cellophane to say the least, so it’s almost environmentally friendly to send Roons, wouldn’t you say? Send beautiful gift packages of Roons to your customers and colleagues around the globe. People like unique gifts, people like local gifts (even if you don’t live in Portland, it’s local to us - that’s got to count for something.) We’ve got a host of special corporate packaging and gifting programs to suit a host of budgets, so get in touch and let discuss how we can work together to create something unique (and make you guys look really, really good!)



Do you want to feel like you won the lottery without buying a ticket?  Hire us to create customized header cards to attach to your Roons for any event. Birthday parties, weddings, engagements, corporate functions, baby showers, sweet sixteens… sky is the limit. Let us create some one-of-a-kind designs for you, to bring your Roons to the next level.

Our graphic design department is made of up people (well, one person) who has 20+ years in the business. Having spent her entire career doing award-winning branding, packaging, wedding invitations and out-of-the-box announcements, we think she is the perfect fit for tackling your custom design needs.  We think she’s amazing (as she currently flicks fake dust off her shoulder, in a gratifying “I’m awesome” kind of way, while she’s typing this)

Get in touch and let us create something amazing and one-of-a-kind for your celebration.