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Original Lil Roonies
Original Lil Roonies

Original Lil Roonies

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From the team that brought you the "Best macaroon you'll ever have!" comes an evolution - and revolution - in the coconut arts!

Cookies got nothin’ on Lil ROONIES. And we’ll go toe-to-toe with chocolate-covered berries any day of the week!  Even the “health food” ones.  We’re not exactly a “cookie” in the middle, but we are bite-sized morsels of delicious coconut macaroons, covered in the best real chocolate found on planet Earth.

The coconut is balanced…a little sweet, but not too sweet. We know about this sort of thing, we’ve made a lot of macaroons!

You can take Lil ROONIES with you wherever you go… to the movies, to work, on a hike or to the couch! We wanted to take our wildly-popular ROONS and make them into something that‘s one-bite, so you can decide whether you want to eat just one, or (if you’re like us) a lot more than just one. 

While the weather is still changing, we will do our best to pack up your treats with appropriate ice packs and prepare them for their 2-3 day journey from us to you... but if your carrier leaves them on your front porch in the heat, or it's an extremely hot day, please know there is a chance the chocolate will do what chocolate does best—melt! We do our very very best but cannot guarantee our product will arrive in perfect condition during extreme heat. 
As this is a perishable food item, we do not accept returns.

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