*NEW SEASONAL* Orange Creamsicle Roons – Eatroons.com
*NEW SEASONAL* Orange Creamsicle Roons
*NEW SEASONAL* Orange Creamsicle Roons

*NEW SEASONAL* Orange Creamsicle Roons

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The one flavor that defines your childhood (if yours was anything like mine!)... the best flavor combo in the popsicle aisle... the flavor that can conjure up warm sunny days no matter how gray and rainy it is outside... Yahoooo, we're talking Orange Creamsicle Roons!!  These zingy, citrusy Roons taste like summer days gone by and are light, delicate, fruity a little tropical, and yet oh-so Roony!!

Like our most popular Lemon Roons, we are dipping these beauties in a delicious white chocolate, which we think pairs perfectly with this flavor profile. Let's face it, it couldn't be a Creamsicle if we dipped it in dark chocolate!

All our Roons are baked to order and typically ship out within a few days of your order.

These beauties are individually-wrapped and have a 60-day shelf life from their birthday, but can also be frozen if you think your willpower will last longer than that.

As this is a perishable food item, we do not accept returns.

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